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0 Benefits of Plant Mimosa pudica L.

Princess shame (Mimosa pudica L.) is widely encountered in the weeds and also one of the wild plants. For those who still do not know the daughter of shame, this plant has a small leaf shapes arranged plural, oval shape with a pointed tip, green color (there are a reddish color), has thorns on its trunk. These plants also sometimes flowering, the flowers form round like a ball, the color pink, stemmed. Characteristic of this plant is a plant is very sensitive to touch that leaves so touched and will shut this plant
Although many people know and never see these shy daughter plants will but not many know if it's embarrassed daughter is very well medically efficacious and empirically. Princess shame can prevent and treat some diseases. Almost all parts of this shy girl efficacious, from leaves, roots, until the entire plant, either fresh or dried.
Some properties embarrassed daughter, among others:
1. Insomnia For people who suffer from insomnia, could try to poach as much as 30-60 grams of leaves daughter embarrassed and drinking water. Or it seems it might be more comfortable if mixing 15 grams of leaves daughter embarrassed with 15 grams of mustard leaves the sky (vemonia cinerea) and 30 grams of leaf calincing then boiled and the water is then drunk.
2. Chronic Bronkitis
* Recipes one
Wash 60g fresh root shy daughter, and then cut into pieces as needed. Boiled in 3 cups of water in low heat until remaining 1 glass. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water to 2kali drinks, morning and afternoon. This herb is taken for 10 days.

* Recipes are two
Provide fresh leaves and kola embarrassed daughter (30g each), then rinse thoroughly. Boil in water 3gelas until remaining 1 glass. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water 2 times a day, each 1 \ 2 cup.

3. Urinary tract stones

Wash the leaves 20g fresh shy daughter, then boiled in 2 cups of water until the remaining separunya. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water as well. We recommend that you drink it at night.
4. Coughing up phlegm
Wash 10-15g fresh root embarrassed daughter thoroughly, then cut into pieces as needed. Add 3 cups water, then boiled until the remaining half. Once cool, strain and drink a day 3kali saringanya water, each 1 \ \ 2 cup.

5. Rheumatism
Wash 15g fresh root shy daughter, and then cut into pieces as needed. Add 500cc white wine, then let it soak for 2 weeks. Use of this wine embarrassed daughter to compress the joints are sore.
6. Hepatitis

Princess shame it contains tannins, mimosin, and acid pipekolinat and efficacious for preventing and treating hepatitis. You do this by boiling the daughter of shame as much as 10 grams in 200 cc of water to boil for 15 minutes. Results decoction drunk routine.
7. Pile / Hemorrhoids
princess flower shame the red, kira2 5 stems for 1 day taken 3 times

8. Other

In addition to the above properties, the daughter of shame is also efficacious to address other diseases. Roots and seeds nutritious to induce vomiting. Even the experts of Chinese medicine and U.S. and Indonesian research also indicates that the daughter plants can ashamed treating various diseases such as acute inflammation of the eye, kidney stone, high fever in children, and herpes. This is because the daughters of shame contains the chemical properties and pharmacological effects of sweet, astringent, slightly cold. Tranquilizers (tranquiliser), sedative, laxative sputum (expectorant), anti-cough (antitusive), fever (antipiretic), anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), peluruh urine (diuretic).

Warning But it should be noted also that the plant i
s HARMFUL for pregnant women. So for pregnant women, should not consume this plant because it can lead to death of the fetus. It should also be noted that the use of root shy daughter in high doses can cause poisoning and vomiting.

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