Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

0 Politisasi Sepakbola Indonesia

Wakil Presiden FIFA, Pangeran Ali bin al-Hussein, mengeluarkan seruan untuk dunia sepakbola Indonesia dalam akun Twitternya: "Sangat penting bagi kita untuk menyingkirkan politik dari permainan (sepakbola)."Seruan dari Pangeran Ali ini kembali mengingatkan kita, bahwa politisasi dunia sepakbola sudah sedemikian akut di tanah air. Pertanyaan mengemuka: bagaimana bisa sepakbola Indonesia terkait dengan politik. Menjawab pertanyaan itu, sangatlah elok jika kita menengok akar sejarah sepakbola Indonesia.

Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

1 Ice Age 'Predicted Return Happen

Some astronomers believe the Earth is likely to enter the 'little ice age' in the coming years due to reduced solar activity.
Sunspot activity, with an annual cycle 11 will peak in 2013, after which the activity will begin shrink little by little.But some astronomers believe the next activity will be less intensive than usual or will be no activity at all.
This can affect the weather on Earth because of low solar activity is related to low global temperatures in the past.
Between 1645 and 1715 almost no sunspots were observed, a period known as the solar Maunder Minimum.

1 Building the Pyramid of Pharaoh's Secret Explain By The Quran

Since a long time scientists have puzzled how a pyramid was built. This is because the technology held up large rocks that could reach thousands of pounds to the tops of buildings yet discovered in his day. What is the secret behind the building of this pyramid?
In the issue dated December 1, 2006, the American newspaper the Times published a scientific story that confirms that the Pharaoh to use clay to build the pyramids! According to the study mentioned that the stone used to build a pyramid is clay that is heated to form a hard rock that are difficult to distinguish from the original stone.

Senin, 18 April 2011

0 Tisa's Flower, The Period of Ancient Insects Her life Just 3 Hours

Palingenia Longicauda or also known as Tisa's Flower is an ancient insect species. Insect species is thought to have originated from 200 million ago. One place the appearance of this insect is in the Tisa River.
Tisa River is one of the last sanctuaries where these insects emerge every year in very large quantities. This is a rare spectacle, "wedding dance" on the Tisa River.

0 Pig: Warehouse Parasites and Harmful Bacteria

Pigs are filthy animals, she usually eats everything given to him, either dirt or dead even his own feces or will he eat human feces. Pigs have a lazy nature, do not like sunlight, not like a stroll, really like to eat and sleep, has the most greedy nature. Increasing age, the pigs will be more stupid and lazy, do not have the will and struggled even to defend themselves only reluctantly.

Therefore, pigs, many cause disease in humans. Pigs are considered animals unfit for consumption. Among these parasites are as follows:

Kamis, 14 April 2011

0 Benefits of Plant Mimosa pudica L.

Princess shame (Mimosa pudica L.) is widely encountered in the weeds and also one of the wild plants. For those who still do not know the daughter of shame, this plant has a small leaf shapes arranged plural, oval shape with a pointed tip, green color (there are a reddish color), has thorns on its trunk. These plants also sometimes flowering, the flowers form round like a ball, the color pink, stemmed. Characteristic of this plant is a plant is very sensitive to touch that leaves so touched and will shut this plant
Although many people know and never see these shy daughter plants will but not many know if it's embarrassed daughter is very well medically efficacious and empirically. Princess shame can prevent and treat some diseases. Almost all parts of this shy girl efficacious, from leaves, roots, until the entire plant, either fresh or dried.

0 The animals With Unique Capabilities


Temperature sensitive organ located between the eyes and nostrils venomous snakes make snake can detect the body heat of their prey.
The organ is situated on each side of the head of the snake, so these animals can be watched carefully and then launched a deadly attack in spite of darkness

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